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    MDK-260 electric scalpel clinical application is extensive, covering the vast majority of general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, orthopedics..... .....
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    Jiangsu Fadeou Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

    Add:Nanjing, Xuanwu Avenue, No. 48, Oriental City

    About us

     Innovation as its cornerstone, to serve as a fundamental Jiangsu Fadeou Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. ", is a company specializing in medical device product development, design, production, sale and application of technical services in one high-tech private enterprise, the company R & D capabilitystrong, advanced production technology, detection and after-sales improve, is committed to providing our customers with safe, professional, high quality, the leading medical equipment.


    Jiangsu Fadeou Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. is an original strong sales force and after-sales support team of high-tech enterprise committed to major hospitals at home and abroad to develop good academic cooperation, and strive to create a better platform for development of Surgery .


    Corporate governance practices, always focus on international and domestic markets, R & D strength, product design, updates, upgrades and updating of the work made ??good progress, and fetal monitoring project in the hands of remote ECG Finalist in Nanjing, the first "321 plan".

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